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Michigan District 1 Representative


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Ben Boren is currently the 1st Vice Chair Affiliates Director for the Libertarian Party of Michigan. He is also the Outreach Director for the Northwest Michigan Libertarian Affiliate. A Northern Nevada native has spent the last 4 years living in Charlevoix, Michigan and surrounding areas. No stranger to grass roots organizing, Ben and his volunteer campaign team are eager and ready for the challenge. Ben and his team are all 35 or younger.

"Our goals for this campaign are simple. We hope to unite, educate and inspire everyday people to get involved in every level of government. The can has been kicked down the road long enough and we cant expect duopoly politicians to make the changes necessary to bring us back to a time of moral and economic freedom" Personal responsibility, Bodily autonomy and free markets are the principled ideas centered around libertarian ideology.


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1st Annual UPLP Fall Cookout

Come join the UPLP in Iron Mountain on October 4th for their first Annual Fall Cook out!!!


  • Environment/Climate

    By protecting private property and eventually selling off the Bureau of Land Management, we can create incentive for land owners to do the right thing.  The government, as usual, has a terrible track record of protecting land, people and environment.  In the case of irresponsible land owners unable to be responsible with their freedom they would have to face a transparent trial by their peers and pay restitution for all types of damage done.  It’s also important to mention the best system of checks and balances in a free market which is this collective buying power of consumers (AKA the boycott) which has the power to end corporations and businesses overnight.  For years many of these companies have been deemed too big to fail and without special courts and corporate bailouts they would no longer be "too big to fail".

  • Taxation

    The 16th Amendment of 1909, which established the income tax, got out of control really quickly.  It was supposed to be a 1% tax for those making less than $50,000 annually and a 3% tax for those above $50,000 annually.  Now it’s getting difficult to breath without a tax of some sort taking the profit of your hard-earned labor from you.   I think it’s important to point out that those who kept working during Covid-19 or went back to work fairly quickly would have had a better stimulus had the President suspended the income tax.  Also, the $1,200 checks were just a loan on next year’s taxes while the federal reserve bank printed more money out of thin air and all the companies that were too big to fail cashed huge checks and many had record profits.  I am for the abolishment or reduction of any and all taxes and closure of the Internal Revenue Service.  Good ideas do not require force, therefore any services the government wishes to or is asked to provide must be voluntary.

  • Occupational Licensing

    Not only is occupational licensing unconstitutional, it is downright expensive and time consuming.  Government yet again creates more obstacles to employment and prospertity by controlling the rules to the game.  I am for the end of all occupational licensing being handled by the government. I believe in bodily autonomy and personal responsibility and it should be up to the individual to learn the correct way to perform high skilled jobs, along with the businesses who choose to hire them, or face restitution or jail time if someone’s property is damaged or someone is harmed.  This includes states sponsored drivers’ licenses and insurance mandates whose sole purpose is the generation of revenue.

  • Drug War

    The drug war has been nothing but a costly catastrophe since its inception.  Look no further than prohibition to see that draconian laws like this always cause more harm than good.  Right now, on average 98 cents of every dollar goes towards incarceration of a nonviolent drug offense while less than 2 cents goes towards rehabilitation.  In Michigan, our prison population is over 43,000 inmates with an average cost of $36,000 per inmate per year.  The grand total to house these inmates yearly comes out to approximately $1,553,215,375, with 60% of those inmates being nonviolent and mainly addicts.  We owe it to ourselves and to them to seek new solutions like decriminalization, to not only reduce the prison population, but also save taxpayers a lot of money that could instead be allocated to rehabilitation programs.  I do not agree with many of Governor Whitmer’s policies, but I will say that her decision to pardon all nonviolent inmates who were prosecuted for cannabis related charges is a step in the direction for ending the senseless war on drugs.

  • Qualified Immunity

    I am in favor of ending qualified immunity.  Police should be without a doubt held to the same laws and standards we are, if not higher.  Those that we entrust to protect us have become a militarized, revenue generating force who consider themselves to be above the law.  Win, lose, or draw I will do everything I can to reverse the culture that got us to such an ugly dystopian society of the civilians vs the police.  The same government that took our tax money to fund never ending wars also gives old tanks and weaponry to the police forces.  "I was just doing my job or just following orders" was not a good enough excuse during the Nuremburg trials and it should not be now.



Spike Cohen's Bus Tour in Flint, MI - August 20, 2020

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Let Her Speak in Marquette, MI - August 8, 2020

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